Monday Window: November 28 2016

And now it’s time for Monday Window (

Ok, I know it’s not technically (or literally) Monday today, but today we had new windows installed in the basement today.  Replacing crappy broken aluminum (and completely non-original) windows with classy, vintage-looking vinyl.

Here’s a sampling from the inside (outside pictures will be posted later…)!  Note that they aren’t completely finished yet (they still need framing trim), but those pictures will also come later!

Bathroom before…




One of the bedrooms before




The big window in the main room before




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  1. They look great! And I am jealous, I really want to get our single pane aluminum windows replaced!

    • Thanks! I am happy with them. They were also surprisingly less expensive than I was expecting them to be. And the weird thing is how quiet it is in the basement now. Also hope you are doing ok today…

  2. Those new windows look great! We had all ours replaced back in the summer, and it sure makes a difference. 🙂

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