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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky!

Welcome to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge!  The theme for this week’s Challenge is It’s Tricky.

“Enjoy the chance to think outside-the-box for this challenge. What tricks do you use to get the shot you want? Do you love reflections in raindrops? Is there something hidden in your photo, or the unsuspecting behind a wall. Have you ever found ice cream clouds, or illusions in a waterfall at sunset? A unicycle? That’s tricky and so are sand castles with the incoming tide. I hope you join us. Remember to link your post to mine, and use the Lens-Artists Tag so we can find you.”

This was a bit of a tricky one, but don’t ask me how I got it this way, because I don’t remember…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Related

“Welcome to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). It’s designed to fill the void after WordPress bailed on its daily one-word prompt. Today’s word is “Related”.


RagTag Daily Prompt: Spin

A response in starting over with a new daily avoidance (or non-avoidance, as the case may be), here with the Ragtag Daily Prompt , today is Spin.

Which Way Challenge: March 31, 2023

And heeeeere’s…  the Which Way Challenge! from Alive and Trekking.

Pull Up a Seat Challenge – 2023 Week 13

Welcome to XingfulMama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge

“As I get older I find myself more and more often looking for a place to perch when I am out and about. This might be a chair, a bench, a wall, a pew…maybe even a log or a rock. These spots can be artfully designed, quirky or very plain, sometimes they have a view, sometimes you meet someone else who needs a rest.”

2023 365: Day 91 (April 1)

This year, another new set of prompts that I will hopefully follow better for 2023!

Today’s prompt is “Lucky”

 April 1, hard to believe. I don’t know if it’s lucky, but I luckily got out for a walk and only got rained on a bit. So lucky I managed to get one or two pictures in between the drops.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge: A is for… (#AtoZChallenge)

Welcome to my April 2023 Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

I’ve revealed my theme (My life in first drafts), but this year, instead of pretending there were ever plans, I am unashamedly blogging my theme letters on the fly.  So, here goes nothing!

So, without further ado, A is for the deceptive but always delicious Avocado.

Why begin with avocado, you may ask. My life in first drafts. Well, I had to choose something and this was the first thing that popped into my mind. So there.

We love avocados. We eat them all the time, and I love them plain (with a hint of salt and pepper), as garnish on salads, and of course in guac. But they are deceptive. They are green which makes you think, hey, green…must be like good for you. But they are huge on the caloric front which you can forget really easily because they are a “good” fat, so we are told.

I don’t know when we started eating avocados all the time, but if we don’t have an avocado to add to our dinner plates, disappointment is in the air. Doesn’t matter what else we have on the plate, it just doesn’t quite taste as good.

Avocados are like the one food habit I have, not we cause Kevin has a lot of food habits (same things for breakfast and lunch on workdays for 20 years, whereas I like to mix it up, man). And I never really thought about it that way until writing this post. I guess there are worse things to have as a food habit. But I tell you, if I start carving them, please call someone….

Avocado Art

Thanks for visiting my 2023 A to Z Challenge – Letter A.  You can find links to more blogs participating in this challenge at Letter A, A to Z 2022 Challenge Master List (Google Docs).

Guess I’m kind of a rebel too…although I do like using the “official” letters…

Flower of the Day: April 1, 2023

Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I don’t know what directions my flower pics will take this year.  For now, I will just play it by ear and see where my fancy flies!

Blogging from A to Z Challenge: 2023 Theme Reveal!

Welcome to the Great and Powerful Blogging from A to Z 2023 Theme Reveal!

This is the 13th or 14th year of the challenge, I can’t rightly remember which, and I’ve been a participant since 2014.  Every year I choose a theme, and every year I blog it on the fly.  Like last year, I am starting to write my posts today, the day of the letter A, on the same day I am revealing to you, my precious reader, my theme.  No plan this year, aside from last night, loosely deciding what I might post about.

Before I reveal my 2022 theme, here are themes from challenges past:

  • 2014:  I blogged about our house, and the befores and afters of the renos we did and changes we made after buying it.
  • 2015: I blogged about interesting places in Victoria (all close to home).
  • 2016: I blogged about learning to use my DSLR
  • 2017: I blogged about my ‘hood in Welcome to James Bay!
  • 2018: I blogged about the wonderful world of wabi-sabi in photographs.
  • 2019:  I blogged about A picture-story a day (in the life, so to speak)
  • 2020: I blogged about female photographers
  • 2021 I blogged Photos and Stories
  • 2022 I blogged Photo editing apps!

This year, it’s the exciting theme of: My life in first drafts!  I am in a memoir writing phase.  And don’t worry, there will be photos too…

So, I will see you on later today for my first post!

This post approved by Elliot.


Flower of the Day: March 31, 2023

Cee’s Flower of the Day.

I don’t know what directions my flower pics will take this year.  For now, I will just play it by ear and see where my fancy flies!