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Christmas Writing Prompt #17 – Ideal Christmas Day

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My ideal Christmas Day?  The one day I can listen to Christmas music all day with Kevin’s blessing.  Of course, I play Christmas music for months before Christmas while he is not around, but on Christmas day, we even have it playing for dinner!  It’s then followed by my ideal Boxing Day, which is one where I stay in my pjs all day long 🙂


Christmas Writing Prompt #16 – The Perfect Christmas Dinner

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Well, the perfect Christmas dinner used to be turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Now, it’s whatever we decide to make because the perfect Christmas dinner is about the family and friends around the table (oh, yeah baby – mushy mushy mushy…it’s Christmas!!)

This year, it will be mom and dad, friends Darnell and Bill, Kevin and I, with BBQ steak, mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes (ok, it can’t be Christmas dinner without the garlic mash…) probably some asparagus, with salads by Darnell and mom, and a special dessert.

There you go – the perfect Christmas dinner!

Christmas Writing Prompt #15 – Christmas Decorations

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This year?  Pretty normal.  We don’t have house lights, although we think about it every year.  The excuse (when we lived in Regina) used to be that we waited too long and it was now too cold to put them up.  Now, we just never get around to it (plus, we don’t own lights and would need to decide on just the right ones!)  As for decorations inside, the living room has some garland and cards, the dining room is done up (since that’s where we have Christmas dinner), and of course the foyer has our tree.


december12013  dec252015j


Christmas Writing Prompt #14

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I have a lot of things I would like to ask Santa for this Christmas, but I’ll settle for asking for 2017 to be a better year than 2016.  Please???

Dec212015q Dec182015o

Christmas Writing Prompt #13 – How late do you leave your Christmas shopping?

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I have always had goals of finishing my Christmas shopping early, but there is always one more thing to get the week before.  Or more than one more thing.  In Kevin’s case, we were always out shopping on Christmas Eve day and wrapping until the wee hours.  But that was a long time ago.

This year I’ve been done for a few weeks…well, except for those one more things I need to get this week…


Christmas Writing Prompt #12 – Favourite Christmas Memory

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My favourite Christmas memory is singing Oh Holy Night at the RCMP Chapel in Regina.  I did that for several years when a friend’s father was the chaplain there.  They stopped doing Christmas Eve services there many years ago, but I still remember those beautiful services in that lovely little chapel.

rcmp_church  rcmp_church2,_Depot_Division#Chapel

Christmas Writing Prompt #11 – Favourite Christmas Carol

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Ok, I guess if you really think about the difference between a “carol” and a “song”, this …. well, this may not fit into either, but it makes me smile every time!

Christmas Writing Prompt #10 – Favourite Christmas Treat

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Interesting question.  In the old days, I would have said stuffing and gravy, but we don’t have turkey at Christmas any more (too much for a small group…)  I don’t eat baked goods any more as I can’t eat gluten, but I do like the gingerbread cookies from the gluten free bakery.

Of course, if we are talking about things other than food, then I would have to say curling up in front of the fire with a good book and not worrying about doing ANYTHING!!  That’s what I’m looking forward to for the next 2 weeks anyway 🙂


Christmas Writing Prompt #9 – Favourite Christmas Song

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All of them.

Christmas Writing Prompt #8 – Favourite Christmas Film

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There is only one A Christmas Story!  HO HO HO!



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