Who am I?  My name is Emily, and I live in Victoria, BC, Canada with my optometrist husband and 3 insane cats in an 1907 Heritage house that we will never finish renovating.  But it’s lovely, as you can see here:

Beautiful Victoria View

Why am I here?  Good question.  That’s what I’m going to explore as I see if I can commit to blogging.  What am I going to blog about?  Nothing in particular…anything…everything…  Perhaps the goal is to find that inspiration as I explore blogging…I don’t know.  The point is, I am here, and I am ready to blog!  Now, here are some pictures of our cats.  I’d add a picture of my husband, but he might object…Someday I may be brave enough to add a picture of myself.  I don’t much like pictures of myself (and interestingly, I don’t like taking pictures of other people either).  Enjoy!



Jasper (RIP 2022)




Dexter (RIP July 2015)


  1. Dropping by while on the A to Z Road Trip and I am happy that I did! Looking forward to following your blog and getting to know a fellow Canucklehead 😎. My husband and I, along with our three cats, Miss Kitty, Ringo and Oreo, live about one hour NW of Ottawa.

  2. Hi Emily, great to meet you and your three cats. Look forward to seeing more of your work and exploring more of your blog. cheers from down under. xo 🙂

  3. I just nominated you for an award and was scrolling down and noted that you are “award free.” I apologize. Obviously ignore. 🙂

  4. Have you already found the answer why you are there? … 😉 Anyway, thanks a lot for following my blog.

  5. Beautiful kitties. We have five!

  6. Hi! I just came across your blog via your ‘shine’ photos, which are great. You sound like a lovely person, I look forward to reading your posts!

  7. I privatized my blog and I’m trying to invite you but I don’t know your email address. – Hope

  8. Heya Emily..I nominated you for the creative Blogger Award.

  9. Nice to meet you Emily!

  10. Love your cats!! On another note … Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ __/l\__ … following you back!!

  11. Love Jasper’s ears!!!

    Thank you for taking an interest in our Writer’s Community. I hope you visit often and CLICK THE BLUE FROG to read the prose from our tiny community.

    If you are only a reader, all of our community will welcome your feedback. We love hearing form our readers!

    If you are a writer, please feel welcome to visit here weekly for a stab at finding a prompt that will wet-your-whistle and get some creative juices flowing.

  12. I love the name of your blog! Thanks for following, “Anything is Possible!”

  13. Thank you for the follow! I blog about anything, everything, and nothing as well!

  14. I love your blog Emily. Nice to meet you also.

  15. Beautiful B. C.—half of your neighbors are down here in the California desert with us!

  16. Things we may have in common:
    My daughter is named Emily. We have cats ( four now, but at one stage 23!)
    Our house is also considered ”Heritage”, having been built in 1914 …. and I alsodoubt we will ever finish renovating.
    You mention running?
    I began running many years ago culminating in three Comrades Marathons. I juat jog these days.
    And we like photography
    My wife is not too keen having pics taken either, although I do enjoy taking candid shots.

  17. Boy! Elliot looks like he has a LOT of personality! LOL We’be been to Victoria. Loved it there. Especially the Royal British Columbia Museum. Stayed at the Waddling Dog Inn. 🙂

    • He has personality to burn. I don’t know the Waddling Dog, but I now know why – it’s up toward the airport! I’ve lived here for 10 years now, and love it!! Nice to meet you 🙂

  18. Hi Emily! Thank you for liking my post about my new minimalism blog coming up. And I love yours! Look at all those lovely writing prompts! I hope the next time you put up a writing challenge that you will remind me. Looks really good!

    Yay for cats! And I too am sorry about your Dexter but glad you are all fine now. We have 2 cats: 13 year old Micah and 6 year old Rachael. Micah is a brown tabby and Rachael is a torbie.

    I am glad to hear you live in Victoria, BC. I heard it’s really beautiful, AND when I was a young girl, friends of my parents gave me a leather bookmark stamped “Victoria, BC”. And if you know how I love reading — well, that was just about the best gift I could’ve received!

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting Zombie Flamingos!! Nice to meet you 🙂 Be forewarned – I’m not very good about following the writing prompts on my blog. I am known for my avoidance more than anything else, although I always post a picture or two!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      • I think it must be something other than avoidance…like, maybe life happens and you get super busy? 🙂 I look forward to our association.

  19. My uncle lives in Victoria BC Canada 🙂 That’s awesome… Great blog .. how did you come up with the name “Zombie Flamingo’s”

    • Cool! And thanks for the compliment. The name came from the zombie flamingo you see in the header, which a good friend made for me and left on our front porch on my birthday a few years back. I had been wondering what to call a blog, and that just seemed right somehow! Thanks for visiting and following 🙂

  20. It’s almost November! We’re starting to put together the roster for 2017 Peppers, and since I’m not in charge of that part this year, I don’t know if you’ve already signed up, but we’d love to have you on the team again. Sign ups are at Shree’s place this year: https://anitashree.com/2017/10/12/its-approaching-that-time-again/

  21. I wondered why we seemed to share a lot of weather in common — you’re just to the north of me {I’m in Seattle!} 😉 Yay!

  22. Hello Emily – nice to meet your fourlegged friends 🙂 Welcome to blogging, welcome to my blogging world. Enjoy 🙂

  23. Oh der, my bad 🙁 I just realised you are NOT new to blogging at all 🙂

  24. Gosh… you’ve been following and visiting OMBH for ages and I’m only catching up now!
    Pardon my tardiness and thanks for your continued support, it is appreciated!
    Mostly though, I hope you find a smile or three when you visit! 😉

  25. Great about page!

  26. I have to laugh. I stumbled across your blog and there are immediately two coincidences. You have to meet Tommy and Knocker, for one, and my blog is all about my grandmother, whose name is Emily. I look forward to following your blog.

  27. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, you meet so many people from all over the world! I know a couple of other bloggers from your area, nice to meet you! We have one crazy kitty who is new to our household (Callie) and 2 Shorkies, Whiskey and Brandy. I blog in two places, Keto for Beginners and Words on a Page (my writing blog). Hope to get to know you better through your blog!

  28. Hello and thanks for the follow. Love your cats, even though I am a dog person (you’ll get that idea reading my blog as there are lots of posts with Maggie). Thought I’d stick around as your blog sounds fun.

  29. Thank you for following my blog. I love Victoria. I use to live in Northern Washington. We traveled to your beautiful place as much as we could. You are so lucky!!!

  30. Hi Emily, I sent you an email to the address shown on your user account when commenting on ragtag. If you did not receive it, could you leave us your email address at https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/contact/ please? Thanks. Ping

  31. My God, I don’t take very good photos of people either, but love objects who don’t put their hands up to tell me to stop taking photos, so everything else. i look forward to flowing your blog.

  32. seeing your page today made me want a kitty.

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