Who am I?  My name is Emily, and I live in Victoria, BC, Canada with my optometrist husband and 3 insane cats in an 1907 Heritage house that we will never finish renovating.  But it’s lovely, as you can see here:

Beautiful Victoria View

Why am I here?  Good question.  That’s what I’m going to explore as I see if I can commit to blogging.  What am I going to blog about?  Nothing in particular…anything…everything…  Perhaps the goal is to find that inspiration as I explore blogging…I don’t know.  The point is, I am here, and I am ready to blog!  Now, here are some pictures of our cats.  I’d add a picture of my husband, but he might object…Someday I may be brave enough to add a picture of myself.  I don’t much like pictures of myself (and interestingly, I don’t like taking pictures of other people either).  Enjoy!







Dexter (RIP July 2015)


  1. Your cats are all very photogenic! I don’t like taking shots of people either. I DO however like taking selfies… what can I say? I find myself fascinating. 😉 I’m glad to meet you and look forward to reading more of your posts. I too am trying to find my “voice” as a blogger.

  2. BC is on my list of places to move if things ever get unbearably overpopulated where I live 😉 Looking forward to peeking at life there!
    Do any of your cats happen to be bengals?

  3. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Cute cats! I like your zombie flamingos too. Did you find those or make them yourself?
    Thanks for following my blog.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting! A good friend made me the zombie flamingo, and my other good friend, Photoshop Elements, created number two for the header!

  5. that’s cool! I haven’t figured out that photoshop yet. I see it can work wonders!

  6. Interesting that you don´t like to take pictures of other people. 🙂 Thanks for following my blog. my favorite object is other people..

    • I know – funny, isn’t it. I think it stems from the fact that I hate people taking pictures of me. Also, people tend to act weird when you are taking their pictures (I know I do!), and I feel kind of creepy taking pictures when they aren’t looking. I’ll stick to kitties and inanimate objects for now I think. Thanks for visiting!

  7. WOW! How is it that I have not stumbled upon this blog before now? Thanks for the follow!

  8. Thank you for the follow! Your cats are all lovely…and easy to photograph? My Mille, a wonderful dog who just left me, was very photogenique and easy to picture, but Totti, the lovely little dog left with me, NEVER cooperates. One look at my camera – and he’s gone…
    Looking forward to exploring more of yours!

    • Hi! Oh, my cats don’t like to cooperate. I only get the still pics when they are not paying attention or are too lazy to move. Otherwise, it’s “art” pics of blurry kitties for me! Thanks for visiting!

  9. You have a blog called Zombie Flamigos??? How could I NOT reciprocate the follow?? Thanks for taking M-R’s suggestion and popping over. Looking forward to catching up.

    • Hi! Thanks for the follow! I’ve been a bit quiet the past month or so, as M-R has been noting to me grumpily, but I will be picking things up again soon…

  10. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Happy blogging.

  11. Loved meeting the cats and love the title of your blog. I thank you for finding and following my blog. I have another blog, all poetry, Aki no Koe (voice of autumn) so I think I have definitely found my voice on that one! I hope you will visit often and always feel welcomed.

  12. Thank you for following my blog!

  13. Well then, in that case how about changing your hair colour, Em ? [grin]
    P.S. Any couple who live with four cats comprises two very superior people !!!!

  14. Just thought I’d mention, I dislike having my picture taken…AND just like you, I don’t like taking pics of other people either. Keep on blogging!

  15. Nice to meet you and you and you and you and you, too.

  16. I love the pics of your cats. I enjoy your sense of humour and the way you turn the daily prompts on their heads, very enjoyable, you echo what I often think of the daily prompt LOL!

  17. Am not sure if you accept the awards, But one for the lovely cats:

    We have a few as well at our home! 🙂

  18. The photos are quite nice of your handsome boys.

  19. Thank you for stopping by Renaissance, liking my posts and following my blog. I look forward to exploring your posts.

  20. Thank you for the follow 🙂
    Your cats are adorable! And I love the upbeat tone in your writing – I’m looking forward to reading more.
    P.S. I hate taking posed pictures of people and prefer candid shots, when they don’t know they’re being watched ( I’d better clarify that before you think I’m a wierdo: I’m talking about taking pics of friends and family, not stalking strangers in the street 🙂 ).

    • Thanks very much for visiting! I’m afraid my family and friends might hunt me down if they found out I was taking candid shots of them…I am looking forward to reading your posts!!

  21. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Love your kitties!

    • Hi! While I have made the decision not to accept awards for my blog (I would never feel deserving enough), I want to thank you so much for the nomination!! And thanks for giving me some more blogs to visit – I was happy to have discovered yours not so long ago!

  22. Did you design the “Award-Free Blog” button on your site? I really like it.

    • Hi! No – I confess I did not, but now I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember where I found it. I think I should probably design my own and replace the one that’s there.

  23. Hi
    I don’t know if you do awards, but I nominated you any way. Feel free to disregard!

  24. Hello there! I just wanted to say that you have an incredible blog, and I enjoy reading your work. I also think your writing is insightful, refreshing, and apt!

  25. Love your cats – so precious!

  26. I have a post where I explain the name of one of my blogs. How did you come up with yours? https://lilathisnalilofthat.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/finding-inspiration-for-your-blog-name-the-daily-post/

  27. Love your cat pics.

  28. Very nice to meet you and your charming kitties. 😊

  29. Awesome name for a blog! Wish I’d thought of it! (ps: And your cats are very photogenic.)

  30. Thank you for the follow! Your kitties are so cute! 🙂

  31. 🙂 yep, the kitties keep us smiling!

  32. Wow! I love cats, even if I have a little dog 🙂 My father has a cat named Bubu

  33. Nice to find your blog. Its very nice. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great year!

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following it, Emily. It’s great to meet you. I’m not sure if you know, but the photos you refer to on your ‘about me’ page seem to have disappeared. I thought I’d just point that out in case nobody has mentioned it yet.
    Happy blogging.

  35. You have such a lovely blog and even lovelier cats. I enjoyed reading your articles. Thanks.

  36. Thanks for following The Glasgow Gallivanter. Pleased to meet you – and your gorgeous cats!

  37. What gorgeous feline friends you have, Emily. Join the club with the ongoing renovations. I’m right in the middle of it too. 😕

    • Thanks! We will be in the middle of it forever, I think. Good luck with yours!!

      • Thanks so much. We sort of got catapulted into the renovation when our house sold much faster than anticipated and the buyers wanted to close in two weeks. So here we are living in the main bedroom and no kitchen in sight for the foreseeable future. 🙂

  38. Such gorgeous cats! Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

  39. These cats are cute! Elliot was on a selfie there 😀
    P.S you have a splendid site, i look forward to reading more of your posts! Cheers 🙂

  40. With a name like zombie flamingos, how can I not follow. Those are two of my favorite things. As for being brave enough to post a picture of your face…. I have mine on photoshop/manga drawing program. Some day I might show my own version of my face!

    • Thanks for following! As for my face, I’m content to leave Jasper as my avatar, and the odd postings of my hair colour to suffice as my “selfies” 🙂

  41. You went and done it. You went and followed Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. You are now one of Uncle Bardie’s Band of Merry Followers. Just so you know, Uncle Bardie’s a hoot, and he’s got quite a few whoppers in his bag of stories. Some funny, some not so funny. But all told for your entertainment. Thank you for following his blog.

  42. Adordable cats!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing these photos… and thanks for visiting my blog. Many blessings to you, to your husband, to your home and to these gorgeous cats.

  43. How do you make an ‘about me’ section like this? What sweet kitties, by the way…

    • Hey! I created a New Page and set it up on the menu (under Appearance). Just called it About, and it was done! I think WordPress may set up an About page by default… Kitties say thanks! 🙂

      • not sure how to do that. i made an about me section, but i am unsure if my readers can see it. would you mind searching around my page and see if you can find it?

      • Hey! I clicked on the About link at the top right of your page, and I found your About page (at least I hope it’s yours 🙂 )

  44. Hi Emily! I nominated you for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award @ https://serenasinclair.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/the-black-cat-blue-sea-award/
    I thought especially of you and your kitties 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I will have to decline, however, because Zombie Flamingos is an award-free blog, but I am honoured none-the-less. 🙂

  45. hi emily, i enjoyed camping in your blog.. and your kitties are adorable 🙂

  46. I remember you are an award free blog, but I’m not sure if the quote challenge applies to that. Anyway, I nominated you because I chose music quotes as a theme and we connected through going to orchestra concerts and playing bass and percussion! It’s fine of course if you decline, I just like your blog!

  47. Hey there, Emily! Since June is the 6th month of the year, I’m following 6 fun and interesting blogs each day, and you’re one of them! Follow me back if you like at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com and make six new blog friends of your own. Have a great day!

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