NaNoPoblano Day 22: No luck, but people are amazing

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

Jasper is still missing.

We started out the morning with a walk-about trying to find Jasper where we last saw him.  Then we came home and spent time contacting various organizations and getting the word out on their lost pet sites and various social media.  We also printed up flyers and pounded the pavement – hanging them up on telephone poles (still more to do today), and the local grocery store, and putting them in everyone’s mailboxes (and also talking to whoever was home to explain why we were creeping around yards).  We walked around at sunset, and Kevin went out again after 10:00 and again this morning at 7:00am.  Today we put out sardines and are getting a cat trap from Animal Control.

But let me just say that people are amazing.

Several friends came and pounded the pavement with us yesterday, looking for and calling Jasper, and talking to people.  If friends and family couldn’t walk about, they have been sharing sharing our lost cat posts with their friends, and keeping in touch with us to see if we need anything.  And I know friends farther away in Regina, Vancouver and other places would have joined the search if they had been here.

We also had people – strangers to us for the most part – take flyers and pound the pavement themselves, walk us to other houses to introduce us to people we didn’t know, call us back to see if we had found Jasper, encouraging us with their own experiences.  And all of you here posting with your thoughts and concerns.  I have renewed hope in the kindness of people today, and I can’t thanks everyone enough.

Come home Jasper – this is where you are meant to be!


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  1. I certainly hope he comes home soon. :/

  2. Still hoping!!!!

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