NaNoPoblano Day 21: Jasper lost

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

The thing we have always dreaded, having indoor cats, happened last night.  We were bringing home takeout and Jasper dashed out the door into the dark and the cold.  We traced his meow for awhile, and then it stopped.  We wandered through dark backyards with flashlights (thankfully not attracting the police), but no luck.  Came home for a bit and posted notes on Used Victoria lost and found, and Facebook, then Kevin went out again.  He called at 1:00am saying he found him.  And he had.  He was under a car, but freaked out when we tried to hold him (should have brought the cat carrier, but we were too freaked out ourselves to think straight), scratched me, but Kevin, and ran away into a backyard.  He meowed for awhile, then stopped and we couldn’t find him in the dark.

Now, a sleepless night later, we have searched again, in the light this time, to no avail.  We’ve posted more lost notices and will shortly go out with posters in hand to hang, and give to neighbours.

Jasper has never been outside, so I hope he hasn’t gone far and is just holed up somewhere trying to keep warm.  Or perhaps some lovely soul took him in.  It’s cold, but not as cold as it would be in Saskatchewan, and it’s not raining.  So we will keep looking and hoping.  I’m going to go cry now because I am so afraid we just lost another one of our family.

Please come home Jasper.


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  1. I do so hope you find him soon…or that Jasper manages to find his own way home.

  2. Ugh. I don’t like this at all. Please, Jasper–you are loved and missed. Please come home!

  3. A worst nighmare fur shore….paws crossed and purraryers he finds his way back soon. Just keep banging his cat food dish outside, print out some photo notices and put them on doorsteps in the neighourhood and attach to street sign poles. A neighbour’s kitty got out once and that’s what she did…a few blocks away it was found because of that…it’s easy to go far without realizing it. Once when I got out, my human checked where all the birds were making a fuss, and there I was. Keep pawsitive thoughts! =^,,^=

    • Keep those paws crossed. We have plastered the neighbourhood with flyers and talked to everyone. And now, it’s time for sardines in the backyard. Hopefully he will get bored soon (once he has finished being terrified) and come home…

  4. Oh no! I hope you will find him soon.

  5. Oh jesus. Em, I don’t know what to say. I am horrified, for you and for him. You will get him back: the gods could not be so cruel as to prevent it. But in the meantime you’re both suffering, and I wish it wasn’t happening.

    • Thanks M-R. We are keeping hope alive and know that it’s now probably just a waiting game. But it’s hard knowing that there isn’t much more you can do and you just have to be patient. It sucks!

  6. Praying he comes home soon!! Our Roly was out, clawless and defenseless for 7 days while we were gone on vacation he had never been out before and a careless pet sitter was at fault. When we got home we searched and searched, knowing that others in the neighborhood had seen him but couldn’t lure him in. That evening Holly put out a can of tuna, his favorite and waited up watching for him. He came up to the door and walked right in when she opened it. He was fat and sassy and had been feeding on lizards, in fact he had gained weight while worried brother Trouble had lost some.

  7. Hope Jasper comes home soon now that he has discovered what is out there. I’m sure he now knows he has it pretty soft at home. Fingers crossed.

  8. I woke up his morning hoping SO much to see an update or a new Post: Jasper Found. My heart aches for you.

  9. Hoping that Jasper comes home. <3

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