NaNoPoblano Day 23: Jasper is home!!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt AND in non-avoidance of NaNoPoblano 2015

This was us last night.


I just was impressed with how many things have obviously been posted here…


And this is us this morning.  But wait, before I show you those pictures, let me tell you what happened.

So, last night, Kevin went on one final walk-around for the day.  Back to the street we saw Jasper left, behind our house.  He ran into one of the neighbours who lives right behind us and he told Kevin that last night he thought something came in and out of his bedroom window (which he always leaves open at night), but he wasn’t sure if it had been Jasper.  Kevin told him to call us anytime if it happened again.

So, this morning at 3:57 am, Kevin’s phone rang.  We knew it was something about Jasper – had to be.  And sure enough, our wonderful neighbour had heard something come in and had trapped it in a spare bedroom.  At 3:57 in the morning!  We rushed over with our cat carrier, knowing it might NOT be Jasper, but it WAS!!  We finally got him out from under the bed into our carrier, thanked our neighbour (in tears – him and his partner are SO going to get a gift certificate to the nicest restaurant in town!!!) and took Jasper home.  We immediately (to his consternation) threw him in the shower, checked him over (he is fine – a bit thinner, but no injuries), and then dried him off and let him go.  He chowed down and ran around the house like he never left.  He is so happy and affectionate, and we are SO relieved.  Elliot is not sure yet, but he’s not hissing so I think all will be ok.

Thanks for everyone’s good thoughts over the past couple of days.  I can honestly say I NEVER want to go through this again.  We will be coming and going out of the house through the basement (the cats aren’t allowed down there) for awhile to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

And now, a few pictures of Jasper happy to be home – really, it’s like he never left.  When we saw him at the neighbour’s house, it was like he didn’t know us at all.  Now that he’s home, he can’t get enough of us.






Elliot’s not so sure yet, but he’ll be ok.  I actually think he’s a bit jealous because he was getting ALL the attention for the past couple of days.  He’s not a sharing kind of kitty.




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  1. So happy to hear Jasper is back!

  2. You cannot believe how glad I am. I have been following you intensivly since Jasper went on walkabout. I now have one cat, my other two cats passed on over the last two years, but I know exactly what you went through. Our cats were always outdoor cats, but always came home. Once our Fluffy disappeared for almost three days. We reported him to a Swiss internet page for missing cats, with photo. We also hung posters up and then three days later he walked in again. You can imagine how relieved we were. We are sure he had been locked in somewhere by accident and had suddenly been released. His first reaction was to eat and then he slept for at least a day. I can really feel the sense of relief you must have had. Thank goodness that Jasper is now home again.

    • It was the worst, not knowing if he was ok or if we’d ever see him again. I am SO happy we live in a great neighbourhood with such wonderful people. What a way to get to know your neighbours! I’m glad your Fluffy made it home too! Let’s hope this never happens again.

  3. Isn’t it strange that he only seemed to recognize you in your own house…and that he would sneak into the neighbor’s house but not yours? Did you leave a window open at night? My very very devoted cat of nine years who was allowed to go outside deserted me and moved in with the neighbors after I got a second dog. One never knows what cats will get miffed over. Little princes and princesses!! Glad your little prince has been returned to you. Sweet neighbors.

    • I think he just got so turned around he had no idea where home was (plus, he had never been outside before, so I don’t know how he’d even know). We had left a back door open for him, but I think he was just in the neighbour’s yard and the window was close. He sure is happy to be back though!!

  4. How wonderful! Great news!

  5. So relieved that Jasper is home!! The other cat that lives here, Sammy, she was taken to a friends house miles away and she got out and disappeared. 11 days later she jumped over the fence back into their yard. My human went and got her and I’m not glad to say she’s back (that’s another story) but at least no harm came to her. My human is contemplating getting me tattooed or micro-chipped.

    • Thanks -us too!! I highly recommend the microchip because it is scannable anywhere. We are also now considering collars (even though they are completely indoor), but I think that might freak them out too much. It is a quick way, however, for people to see a cat belongs somewhere.

  6. Oh YAY!!! Hooray!! Whooo hooo!

  7. I cannot stop smiling over this!!! Oh, I am so happy for you and for Jasper. And what absolutely wonderful neighbors you have!!!

  8. I’ve just this minute fired up my laptop upon getting home after an interState trip; and scanned the list of email looking for something from you. When my eye hit on that header, I nearly burst into tears of relief. I am SO HAPPY for you, Em (and Kevin, of course) !!!
    Seems we all go through this at some stage – which doesn’t make it one iota easier to bear.
    Lots of love to all five of the Schudel household, me old mate !

  9. Yay! I’m so happy for you! I had a kitty who did the same thing to me when I was a teen, he was gone for a few weeks, so I knew your hearts were hurting.

    So glad things turned out well! 🙂

  10. I just got to your blog but already I’m emotionally involved and I’m so happy you got your cat back!!!! 😀

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