Yet another walk…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday I had to take care of some business at our house in Esquimalt – the sewer line was backing up into the basement toilet, and our tenants couldn’t shower or do laundry.  So, we needed to get that taken care of right away.  That’s what vacations are for, right?  Taking care of stuff that comes up?

Anyway, then I took mom and dad out for lunch for their anniversary – no pics, sorry.  Not even of empty plates!  I wasn’t thinking…

So, my walk yesterday was later in the day, and I decided to walk out to the breakwater.

So, down the path from South Turner,


and down to the water side


A little crumbling sidewalk action happening down there.


It was windy, so there was a lot of wave crashing going on.



Lots of things blooming on the hillsides.

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And views galore…as usual.




Then I headed out the breakwater.  There was only one cruise ship in dock, although there had been at least two earlier in the day.



Tugboats docked


More waves


Lots of planes landing and taking off.


I sat for a bit on this bench at the end of the breakwater.  It felt lazy, but it was nice just enjoying the gale-force winds.


Still more waves…


A ship in the distance.


Kelp – this is the tangled, swirling view on the exposed side of the breakwater…


And this is the weird, alien-like view on the quiet side of the breakwater.


And thus endeth the walk for Thursday.  I am about to take my Friday walk this morning.  I think I’ll head down to fisherman’s wharf and pick up something for lunch.  Then, it’s figure out what to do this afternoon time!

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  1. Most enjoyable walks, thanks. It does save me from having to get of my backside and going for one! or perhaps on the contrary, it encourages me to get up and go for one with camera in hand!

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