Wednesday Walk

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So yesterday, in addition to washing a wall in the spare room, doing a bit of cleaning, and starting to sand the tub in our backyard that’s been sitting there for 2 years (Kevin loves buying old clawfoot tubs to paint and put in the garden) so I can paint it sometime and put it in the garden with raspberries and strawberries in it, I went for a walk.

I decided to walk to Clover Point and back, but when I got to Clover Point, I thought, hey, why not walk back down along the water instead of up along the regular walking path.  So I did.

Here is me up on the walking path heading to Clover Point (that point of land at the top of the photo).  Well, to be clear, you can’t see me – I’m the one taking the picture (and I DON’T do selfies).


Here is me at Clover Point heading down the path to the water, ready to walk back.


Looking down the beach to Clover Point


The path along the water


Blackberries ripening along the path – yes.  Already ripening.


Looking up towards where I was walking originally down to Clover Point.


Here, the path disappears and turns to “sand”, which is actually rock.  My shadow in the “sand” (rock)


The beach.




This is where I decided to go back up.  The “sand” becomes buried in driftwood at this point, and while you can keep walking along the water, I wasn’t feeling like navigating my way over rocks and driftwood anymore.  So, up I went.




The view from the top of the stairs




One more path from the lookout to the main walkway.


Random shots of things along the way home.



Bad, bad, bad morning glory.


Don’t know what these berries are…


And I should know what these are, but I can’t remember.  I think they are cool though…


I don’t know if I will get in a walk today.  I have to get a drain person out to our rental house as there is likely a collapsed line causing backup into the house, and I am also hoping to have lunch with mom and dad today, but perhaps later…we’ll see.  I am on Vacation, after all.

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  1. The berries could be elderberry (they look like them), and the spiky ones are chestnuts!

  2. thanks for taking us along. Wehre is this lovely coatline?

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