A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, yesterday I went Premium – WordPress Premium.  Basically, I ran out of room for my images (in case you haven’t noticed, I post a lot of images!) and so I upgraded AND also got a Domain Name out of it:  Ok, yes.  Flamingoes is technically spelled wrong, but the correct spelling ( was taken, and, hey, I like the “e”.  I was curious, however, and typed “zombieflamingos” into my browser just to see who had had the audacity to abscond with my domain name.  Sent me here:  Weird (but luckily, not obscene).  The light came on, however, when I read this:

…But it’s the Pink Flamingo — developed in 1957 by the company’s president at the time, Don Featherstone, that truly put the company on the map. The fact that a tropical bird that went on to grace thousands and thousands of yards was actually invented in sometimes-chilly New England merely added to the story’s charm.Today, the Featherstone Pink Flamingo has modern-day companions, such as the Special Edition Caribbean Blue Flamingo, Special Edition Featherstone Snomingo, Zombie Flamingo, and the larger Realmingo. … (

Ah ha!!

Anyway, now, with my own incorrectly spelled domain name in tow, I can start playing with whatever new and wonderful features I get with a premium WP subscription, including lots more room for pictures, pictures, pictures!!

Well, that was a longer post than usual…

And now, for no particular reason, kitties sitting together.



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  1. I went premium some years ago although I upload my photos from Flickr, so they never used up available space on WordPress, I think I just liked the .com ending. Being a succour for punishment I also die my felines a favour by giving them also a .com site.

    • The .com ending is pretty cool! I’ll have to consider the kitty blog thing. Not sure they’d be interested. I’d ask them now, but they’re sleeping…

  2. As my blog is now over 80 percent full after just 15 months of blogging, I’m facing the same fate. Must investigate your solution to the full blog! Thanks.

  3. The cats! Your cats are adorable. Congrats on having the upgrade, btw! I like WordPress and the new domain name you have is awesome.

    – Romina @

  4. I’ve come close several times, but I just haven’t done it yet. Maybe one day.

  5. Congratulations on the upgrade. I see someone need sprucing up now that you have gone big time! So cute.

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