Things we did on Sunday

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

First, a big shout out to Mick at My Garden Diversity ( who dedicated this post and picture of a zombified flamingo to me this morning.  How cool is that??

Now back to the regularly schedule avoidance.

What did we do on Sunday?  Not a lot.  We went for lunch at the Breakwater (to use up a gift certificate we had), and yes, I ate salad.




And then walked over to the market there.  We sampled some gin and wine (you gotta love the markets with gin and wine tastings), bought a couple of bottle of wine (the gin was nice too, but we have gin at home and never drink it…) and headed back home.


Later we headed downtown.  It was Symphony Splash day, and there were fireworks scheduled for 9:30.   As you can see, many people came out to enjoy the music and the nice weather.

July312016h July312016j

We sat on the pier and waited for the fireworks, I took some pictures of the new airport (that they barged in awhile back) and relaxed.

July312016n July312016p

After fireworks, we headed home to BBQ us up some dinner.  Jasper’s comment on the day?


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  1. I love Jasper’s comment indeed 😉
    Do you think he felt left out?

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