Two kitties and a car

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

I’ve seen this vintage mini before at the BMW dealership, and finally decided to take a few pictures.  Kevin says every time he sees this car, he expects to see a bunch of clowns climb out of it!



And now, lest you think I have forgotten again, Kitties!!



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  1. Cute kitties :3 I absolutely love cats.

  2. Happy Sunday Emily! Hope you are doing well, and your kitties too. Thanks for the photos <3

  3. Smiling at those kitties.

  4. That vintage mini looks like my first beat-up little car! It was pale blue and I put large flower stickers all over it. Can’t believe I did that now but I suppose that was what was ‘in’ back in the day!!

  5. The BMW is quite a treat for the eyes and so, of course is kitty.

  6. Awww the kitties are sweet and beautiful. 🙂 The car is great, too. Have a wonderful day.

  7. SO CUTE … both car and kitties!

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