Back to work…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Well, work wasn’t too bad.  It was an all-day session of catching up on a lot of emails!  I am almost caught up, so will need to finish that today before figuring out what I actually have to do this month.

Anyway, I did manage to get a good walk in over my lunch hour and, of course, took the camera with me (would I NOT?).  Here are a few things I saw.

This fellow was the first thing I saw as I started to leave the campus. He was right in front of the HR building.  I could make a few comments about that, but I’ll leave that to you!


Random left-over gate posts from times past


These were all over the neighbourhood.  I mean the signs.  Well, the trees and fire hydrants are all over the place too…


There should have been one of these signs earlier.




And then, after a long hard day of reading emails, I returned to kitties who were thrilled beyond belief to see me!



Yup.  Can we go back to sleep now?

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  1. How amazing to have deer outside your work!

  2. We both returned to work today! I love the deer on your campus–what a great shot, too.

    • Thanks – it was hard to get the shot as I had reset the ISO on my camera for night shots (the fireworks) and was trying to reset as the deer was walking away. He just would not stand still for me!

  3. I took an elder friend for a drive Sunday and we too had deer pass before us. Lovely when we have nature past by (safely).

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