Pave Paradise?

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Well, it’s not exactly putting up a parking lot, but in one of the areas of town where I walk on my lunch hours (Uplands in Oak Bay), I saw about 8 lots, just on this one walk alone yesterday, in various stages of constructions.

From the cute little house that will not be there by the end of the month


Through empty lots where houses once were a short time ago



Through to new monstrosities being finished


It makes me a bit sad to see the charming old, sometimes original, houses disappear for no reason other than someone wants something new, and usually really, really big.

I did laugh, however, at this sign on campus


Smallest “construction zone” I saw on my whole walk

And now…



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  1. Excellent use of ‘monstrosities’ :/ Bleh.

  2. 1) Your cat is adorable!
    2) I understand how you feel about old houses. They have such charm and these huge soulless houses are not only bad for the environment, they’re not easy on the eye, either. My parents have one of those McMansion things and the workmanship inside the home is terrible. It looks wonderful from the outside, though!

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