A Tuesday walk

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tourist/

I am glad I avoid Daily Prompts as I prefer to avoid talking about tourists at all costs.  This is The Season here in Victoria, and they are everywhere!!  Riding horse-drawn carriages in front of my car, walking aimlessly against the lights in front of my car, stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures in front of my car.

So, no.  I will instead continue my avoidance and post pictures of my walk from yesterday.

The path down to the ocean I took yesterday


Random ship in distance


Random pear along the way – who knew there were pears in the park?


Random place to sit along the path (not facing the ocean…wtf??)


Heading up Beacon Hill


The view back down Beacon Hill


The structure at the top of Beacon Hill


Those pesky tourists’ cruise ship as seen from Beacon Hill


Random large rock heading down from Beacon Hill


That is all!!

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  1. I had to laugh at the wtf you put!

    And that blue! It’s to die for! In that first shot, the way it’s layered with the golden landscape, wow! What an eye feast!

  2. Lovely walk. Beautiful shades of blue. Delightful to see photos sans people. Well done. Nicely avoided.

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