A Saturday Snapshot (well, a few snapshots…)

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fence/

My Aunt went back to Texas yesterday.  Mom, Dad, Kevin and I piled into the car to take her to the airport in the morning.  It was sad to see her go, but we are making a list of all the things we want to take her to see next time she’s in town!

After the airport, we stopped at Mt. Doug (well, Kevin was driving, so mom and dad were a captive audience for him wanting them to see the top of the hill).   It is a cool location – one you would never believe would be in the middle of the city!


After we dropped mom and dad off, we washed the car before going home for lunch.  I keep meaning to take a picture of this school next to the car wash.  I just think the windows are cool.


After lunch, we renewed our car license.  I waited in the car (just because) and took a picture of this cool baby.


Later, at home…




And still later, we went to Joe Jackson at the Royal.  He was headlining for the Jazz Festival.  Not sure why.  He has one album which could be said to be “jazz”, but it was pretty much a rock show.  People around us either loved it or hated it (the folks next to me didn’t clap once, and were out of there like a shot at the end).  Victoria Jazz Festival, get your act together!  It’s a JAZZ festival – surely there are more than enough JAZZ groups that you don’t need to program ex-punk rockers (as good as he is…)?!?!?


Then, finally, a late BBQ dinner.  And that was our Saturday!


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  1. You make me smile, Emily (and your cat photo is adorable). Thank you for your post – sounds like you had a great day. 🙂 Blessings.

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