A last outing with my Aunt before she leaves

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So, yesterday was my Aunt’s last day in Victoria.  She is leaving this morning to head back to the furnace that is Texas.  It was great having her and reconnecting.  I hope she comes to visit again soon!!

Mom thought we should take my Aunt to a high tea, as it’s kind of a Victoria thing to do.  As we had never been to Point Ellice House (https://pointellicehouse.com/), we decided to go there (plus it’s WAY less expensive than the Empress, which is highway robbery tea!)

Point Ellice House is in a weird area of Victoria – for a historical landmark.  While it’s an 1860s house close to downtown, and right on the water (the house and remaining grounds are owned by the Province), on one side is a large gravel mart, and on the other side is an auto-wrecking yard.  You’d never know it was there if you didn’t already know it.

This is some of what you see once you pull into the grounds:






With tea came a free tour of the house and grounds.  You can see more of the house (better pictures – it was DARK in there!) at the website (https://pointellicehouse.com/tour-the-oreilly-home/virtual-tour/), but here are a few things we saw inside:





And while we started the experience with tea, I will end the post with some photos of the tea-experience at Point Ellice House:






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  1. What a great house with an adorable tea area. Thank you, Emily! Blessings ☺

  2. Beautiful old house. Looks like it would be a very interesting afternoon to visit and have tea. Those snacks look really good.

  3. How lovely and elegant it all looks!

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