Things I saw on a short walk last evening

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday was a busy day.  Back to work after 2 days off (you remember why!).  No sleep the night before (stop turning brain…)  Many meetings, then an appointment after work, then checking in on sick Kevin, who had slept all day but was feeling better, then off to a Victoria Heritage Foundation meeting (the first one I’ve been to where all the Heritage folks were talking to potential owners of homes about to be placed on the city’s Heritage Registry – I was invited as an owner of a home that is Designated Heritage and who has received grant funding for a lot of repair work.  VHF is a fantastic organization!!)

Anyway, long day, long story.  To get to my point, I walked to the meeting and took a few pictures of things I saw in our neighbourhood along the way…

A sidewalk with a path beside it.  Why?  Why??


Many, many flowers.  Here are a few



These are poppies (didn’t turn out great)


I also got a little artistic with them, just because


Cruise ships were in.  How did I know?  Here’s how…  Trust me, you don’t ever want to be behind a couple of these when you’re trying to get out of the neighbourhood in your car (I’ve learned a lot about how to be patient during this horse-carriage-laden-street season)!





Sights at the school where the meeting was.  These fence-fish are on every school fence in this city.  Why??  Why???




And after the meeting, I walked home to make sure Kevin got some food (he had already eaten some waffles, but I fed him real food too…)  I took a couple of pictures of some of the cute houses and fences we see every day around here.





And thus ended my long day.  Finally I was able to sit and rest and eventually get some sleep. Today is a shorter day, and wait – tomorrow is Saturday!!  Whoo hoo!!  TGIF all 🙂

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  1. Awesome photos 🙂

  2. Lovely neighbourhood! I like the fish, whatever they mean. And – wait – not one single kitty?

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