Skies of red

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, while Kevin was BBQ’ing dinner last evening (well, last night…I think evening had left by the time we got around to making dinner), we noticed that the skies above were quite strange.  Strange for here.  I had heard that there was a storm a’brewin’ off shore and the winds had picked up quite a bit, but I wasn’t prepared for the skies.



In a short time they went from that light orange colour to a dark pink.





I took advantage of wanting to take strange-sky pictures and added the seagulls that were screaming around above us.

May72016g May72016h May72016i  May72016q

And then I realized that supper was almost ready, so I left the Armageddon shots and …




And, to finish, let’s not forget that there were kitty cuddles at some point during the day…




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  1. Love the one of the eye behind the eye. Are those potato pancakes or burgers on the grill? Whichever they are, makes me want potato pancakes, even though I’ve never made them in my life.

    • Thanks! That’s about as “selfie” as I get. As for the round things on the BBQ, those are sliced polenta rounds. They are yummy!!

      • Aha.. I’d forgotten about polenta.. Don’t see it in Mexico.

      • That’s very sad. Although I know you have a lot of yummy things there we can’t find here!!

      • Yes that is true and actually we have an incredible market called Super Lake that caters to the many expats who live in the Lake Chapala region so I could buy it and make it if I wished to. I’d just forgotten about it. I used to make it a lot in California. Perhaps I’ll make it with a ratatouille topping for my next film night! Thanks for the memory nudge.

  2. Wow those are epic skies!

    And dinner looks pretty awesome, too! 🙂

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