It will be a good day!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So, I medicated the old headache yesterday morning and headed in to work for the afternoon.  This was a welcome glass of loveliness at the end of my day.


Well, I had to make a trip down the street to get it, but you have to love a little wine and beer store you can walk to that stocks all the best craft beers made on and around the Island.  I felt better after this baby.

Today is Saturday, and tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation, some blog planning, a little gardening and house cleaning, and making dinner for mom and dad tomorrow.  It’s going to be nice, and sunny, and warm, and I don’t have to think about things that give me headaches, so all is good!

Here’s to my start to the day 🙂


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