Workshop: Day 2 1/2

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

And I’m home again!  The final day of the workshop was good again.  I admire facilitators that can change their plans based on what happened the day before, and comments received from the participants.  It’s something I struggle with – taking the plan off the rails in a meaningful way.

Anyway, pictures from Day 2 1/2 consist of dessert.  Yes.  Dessert.  And cheese!!  The food for the workshop on all three days was pretty good, and Day 2 1/2 topped it all with what you see here:

Feb192016a Feb192016b




There was so much left, the staff were asking us to take home what was left.  So, as a preferrer of the savoury I plated up a pile of cheese to stink up the car on the ride back to the ferry.  It even made it home and is waiting for me to plunge in later today.


So, thus ends my foray into the world of Liberating Structures, leaving me with some things to think about and perhaps some fun new things to try out at work.  (evil laugh here…)


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  1. All sounds great. And oh those desserts… mmmmmm

  2. All that dessert and you took cheese home???? Whazzamaddaya????

  3. Oh those desserts look so yummy! I could almost taste them 🙂

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