Workshop: Day 2

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Workshop Day 2 was good again.  More practical, which I guess is how I would structure a workshop where you are supposed to learn a little about a lot of different techniques – go from a bit of theory, to experiential learning, to getting participants to design their own activity using the techniques they’ve learned.

I again confess to being surprised.  I am sure many of you have been in “those” sessions – workshops, meetings, strategy planning sessions.  You know the ones.  The ones with the outside facilitators (prepped by leaders, typically, not prepping themselves by taking the time to talk to the participants in advance) who make you pick pictures that represent your goals (by the time I get to the table, all the “good” ones are gone), or answer ridiculous questions designed to tell you what kind of person you are (Am I blue?  Is my face red?  You yellow so and so!)  You know the questions I mean – the “yes/no” questions that are always truthfully answered with “it depends!!!”

Anyway, the things I am learning here I actually think I could use in some contexts without coming off as a wing nut (sorry – I know there are a lot of wonderful facilitators out there.  I just think sometimes some of them need to know their audience better and shelve the endless “tricks” in favour of honest, but yes, uncomfortable, conversations).

Ok. Enough talk. Time for some random pictures from the day!

The view out of the hotel room:





Some more views out of the workshop space (and a glimpse of one of the many cups of coffee supporting me during the day)



The stairway at the venue, which I am quite taken with.






There you have it.  One more morning to go, then home!!

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  1. If I couldn’t cope any longer with the facilitators, I would so go and hide in that stairway. With a colouring book.

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