Running for Bacon: Training Day 10

I’m playing a bit of catch up here.  I caught up with my running, and now am going to catch up with my running posts!

This last week I was back in the swing of the Couch 2 5K training.  I think I am now half-way through this “getting back to running” training.  After that, I will get on with a 10K program so I can run a race at the end of April, and then it’s on to marathon training.

But, for this last week I started on Monday.  Bear in mind, I was back to work on Monday, so I ran after work, in the dark.  Luckily, while it was chilly and a bit damp, it was NOT raining.   The intervals for session 10 were:  run 3 walk 2, run 4 walk 3, run 4 walk 3, run 3 walk 2.  Getting closer and closer to running with no walking breaks.  I should note that this run felt great!  In fact, all my runs this week felt great.  Maybe running later in the day, dark or not, is a good thing!

And, without further ado, this is what I saw along the way!





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  1. I’ve often found that – my runs felt better later in the day. It doesn’t seem to make sense but I’m glad to hear someone else has had that experience.

    I am close to taking on this Couch 2 5K method to try and get back to running myself. Figured it was safer in my current condition than pushing myself to just go out and run 5k.

    You had some fun stuff to look at on your run. 🙂

    • The C25K program is very good, I think anyway. It’s a bit humbling, but starting slow is always better than starting off too much too soon and hurting yourself!

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