Christmas Advent Blog Adventure: day 19

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Welcome to Day 19 of the Great Advent Blog Adventure!  For today, the two topics I will explore are:

From the Christmas Postathon ( The Christmas tree

And from the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (  Tell us about Christmas gifts and your memories of Christmases past.

Since I’ve already gone over my lack of Christmas gifts remembering, I will only talk of the Christmas tree for this post.  And when I say “talk” of it, I mean show you Christmas trees over the past few years.  Thanks to Kevin for digging up the old Princess Street tree pictures!!

tree7a tree7b











And now some other nice things…







“The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at”


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  1. Oooh! Pretty trees! 😀

  2. Love the window reflection one with all the snow…I miss snow 😟

  3. Yes, the reflection tree is my favorite too. It looks so Christmasy!

    • That one was taking by Kevin the night he got snowed in and couldn’t make it back to Regina for Christmas (well, he flew in a day late so it wasn’t too bad…)

  4. Thank you for sharing these beauties with all of us! 🙂

  5. How do you get those kitties to leave the ornaments alone?

  6. I think you may have convinced me to invest in some new tree lights. Your trees are stunning!

  7. I love Christmas trees! Thanks for sharing the beauty and glitter!!

  8. Nice to see your real Christmas trees. Not the perfect artificial one every year

  9. I believe you set a record for the quickest “Like” response to one of my postings. It could not have been up more than a minute before your email “Like” came through.
    Thank you.

  10. You are quick to like! Thanks.

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