Christmas Advent Blog Adventure: day 6

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Welcome to Day 6 of the Great Advent Blog Adventure!  For today, the two topics I will explore are:

From the Christmas Postathon (  Church Bells

And from the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (  Santa Claus

This will be short today.  Church bells – I like them.  It helps that I don’t live so near a church that I hear them all the time.

Santa Claus:  The big kahuna.  Yup – I’m good with him!  Although I prefer the so-called legend of Pi Natale who “…unless children leave him a stick of butter he steals one of their toes.” (sorry, watched the Saturday Night Live Christmas special the other night and am remembering John Malkovich reading the Night Before Christmas.  This legend is, according to those there Interwebs, NOT true.  Sigh…).

Elliot and Jasper are wondering when the Advent Adventure will be about them.  I keep telling them, it’s always all about them!





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  1. Your cat is the last photo looks like a wild cat. Gorgeous! They are both gorgeous.

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