Some scenes from yesterday

I know, I know.  I posted earlier, but that was my great Advent Blogging Adventure post.  I still have pictures from yesterday to post!  So, here are some non-Christmas scenes from yesterday.

First, I don’t know what this was, but this was the fountain at work yesterday.  At first I thought it was snow, even though I knew it could not be.  Got closer, and joined the crowd taking pictures of what looked like a fountain full of detergent.


I know it’s vandalism and someone had to clean all that up, but it was kind of cool and I confess it made me laugh (which was good because the rest of my day yesterday didn’t really make me laugh at all).

And, of course, kitties.  Well, specifically kitty pictures.  Elliot was very clingy after work yesterday, which was also good because I really needed some kitty love after work yesterday.












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  1. When I was in college, there was a restaurant just off campus that had a big fountain out front. It got detergent put in it frequently. When a fraternity brother would get engaged, or overly inebriated, they were carried down the street an dumped in the fountain too.

  2. We used to put dishwashing soap in our school fountain when we were young. It looked just like this! 😉

  3. Your cats are very handsome!

  4. I really, really miss having a cat! And no, I can’t get one. Not just yet due to future travel plans. 🙂

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