Christmas Advent Blog Adventure, day 1

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

I was trolling the interwebs a bit yesterday and came across some folks doing some Christmas-themed blogs for December.  Christmas Advent Blogs, if you will.  Open them up, and find a treasure of blogging delight.  The two I honed in on were:  The View from the Porch (, which has a Christmas Postathon, and Geneabloggers ( which has an annual Christmas Advent Calendar.

So I thought, what the hey?  Let’s do something different for a change.

Now, I missed December 1st, but let’s open 2 in one day.  It’s what you do when you get your Advent Calendar late, right?  So, this morning I will let you open Day 1, and tonight, Day 2.

Day 1’s theme on the Christmas Postathon was a favourite Christmas decoration.  And on the Advent Calendar, it was Christmas trees.

Christmas trees are easy.  Every year we seem to get a bigger tree than the year before, and yes, we still go with the live trees, with the needles, watering and all.  But we love them.  And in this house, they take over the entire entrance.  Amazingly enough, the cats have never taken one down (I am knocking on wood furiously as I say this), although Dexter did love sleeping under them, and every morning there is at least one decoration lying in the middle of the floor.

Our Christmas Tree 2014

As for a favourite decoration, I’m really not sure.  I think my favourites are those we put on the tree, which we don’t have yet so I can’t show them to you.  But this one here is pretty nice.  It’s from Kevin’s past and I’m sure many of you have seen one like it before.


And, of course, any decoration that includes a kitty gets my vote.

Dec12015c  Dec12015e

So, now you must wait until I post Day 2 sometime after work, when it’s dark again…


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  1. I’m considering a book tree this year. Feeling grinchy 🙂
    Although, if we had a fresh kitten, I’d put a real one up just to enjoy the fun.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking part in the Postathon! I appreciate the shout out too. I will have to check out the Advent calendar site.
    Your favorite decoration is very nice. My grandmother had one just like it but sadly it was broken years ago.
    We always have a live tree too. I just love walking in the house and being hit with that scent! However, our cats did take our tree down once. We came home on Christmas Eve when my children were still small and found the tree down in the middle of the floor and both cats no where to be seen! Since then we always tie the tree to a hook in the wall.

    • Hi! We tied our tree to a wall once, but that’s because we got a tree that was WAY to big for the stand and kept falling over. The next year we bought the strongest stand on the planet!! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  3. Christmas preparations are a slight challenge this year so there’s no Advent calendars for the boys but at least I ordered the Christmas tree from Oxfam this year so that will be delivered on the weekend. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy others’ Christmases through these lovely Advent blog things. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fun idea!

    Your tree is lovely. 🙂

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