The house retrospective: Day 6. The living room

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Ok, my question of the morning:  what next in the journey through our house?  For today, I have decided to dig back into the recesses of time (well, 3 years ago) to the room in the house that has been “finished” the longest:  the living room.  Now, I posted about the living room awhile back, so this may feel like a repeat to some (as may some of my other posts in the next few weeks) but here goes anyway.

When we bought the house, the living room was orange and full of furniture (since it had been a B&B), including a piano on one wall.  This is what it looked like then.

livingroom 3

livingroomz 2

livingroom 1

livingroom 6

livingroom 5

We still have one of those green chairs and the floor lamp (we re-covered the shade frame), but everything else is gone.  Couches, rug, chandelier, piano:  all gone.  Either given away or sold on Used Victoria.

livingroom 9

I hate chandeliers…just sayin’.  There were probably 6-7 chandeliers in the house when we bought it.  Most not in great shape.  Sold them all (to one person!)  We replaced the one in the living room with a vintage replica from our old house.

livingroom 10

But we love fireplaces, and the one in the living room is a beaut!  We have since learned that fireplaces like this (and the other 3 coal-burners we have in the house – we have 5 fireplaces, 4 were coal-burners, and one was wood) came in kits from Sears.  We have, in fact, seen this exact fireplace in another house here in Victoria.  The insert for this one is especially lovely.

livingroom 4

Once we got rid of all the furniture, we had the floors refinished.  We had to after realizing that the tape that had been holding the rug in place would NOT come off the floor (after 3 days of attempted cleaning).  Then Kevin painted.

livingroom 7



livingroom 8

Eventually we moved in.


And set up the space (the first configuration – we have since moved the loveseat to under the piano window, and the green chair is on the other side by the foyer).


Eventually we also fixed the windows (all original wood windows) so that they now open, and replaced the ugly lace curtains (sorry, I know some people, my mother included, love lace curtains, but I can’t STAND them) with wood blinds.

livingroom 11

Yes, the stained glass is original.

livingroom 11

And finally, we kept the scones on either side of the fireplace.  The are likely original, and quite beautiful!


And thus ends the tale of the living room.

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