The house retrospective: Day 1. The back of the house

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Now that we’ve lived in our house for just over 3 years, it’s time to reflect on everything that’s been done to it.  Not as much as we should have done, but a lot nonetheless.

I am going to start this October series with a look at the latest endeavor:  the painting of the outside of the House.  Now, I’m not going to show the whole thing in one post.  No.  It will take a few posts as this is a large house, and there are many sides to show (well, at least 4).  So, let’s start with the back!

Now, Part 1:  the back of the house.

Here are pictures from well before we bought the house.  It used to be a care home (from the late 50s until the early 80s I believe) and then became a B&B until 2002. During that time, the deck had a fire escape emptying onto it from the second story.


Just before the house went up for sale in 2012, the owners began to refurbish the deck, so when we bought it there was no longer a fire escape from the second floor, and the railing and staircase had been removed.  You can see the old fire escape door, now known as the door-to-nowhere, up above the deck door.  Note that we are thinking of turning that door-to-nowhere into a window – we’ll keep you apprised!




We did ultimately add a railing and stairs to the deck




And now, the painting…of the house, not the deck.  That will be next year.

During prep…



Trim, soffits, fascia and door-to-nowhere painted.


July302015q - Copy



And gradually the upper half of the house takes shape.



Also, the part of the house beside the deck…



July302015r - Copy




And the deck door





And finally, the back of the house in all its final glory!







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  1. We’re renovating an old house too. That looks great! Love the blue. Ours is still very much a work-in-progress. Painting it is on the agenda, but can’t decide on a color.

    • I am realizing now the colours aren’t showing so well in the pictures. The top is red, and the bottom a dark green (which sometimes looks blue in pictures). Sorry about that! Funny – I picked the colours a long time ago, and never wavered (although Kevin had doubts along the way).

      • It funny you mention that. I showed those pics to my wife and she it looks green. I looked again and thought, “She might be right”. Looks great either way. Our debate on color choice continues . 😕

  2. And damned glorious it is, too, Emily Schudel ! Them painters knows what they is doin.
    Someone of the pair of you knows about colour. The happy combo has resulted in a bee-yoo-ti-ful house. Well, the back, at least …

  3. Brilliant ! But a purple pole?

  4. The transformation is amazing! You have brought back the glory to this old house. Beautiful!

  5. Fun to see the way that you are making the house your very own! Thanks for liking my blog.

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