Political statement du jour

I don’t usually go all political here, but the Canadian election coming up in a few weeks is something I care very much about.  And, but that I mean:


I also don’t normally embed videos, let alone music videos, but I had to share this one.  If you are Canadian, VOTE!!!

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  1. We give up the right to bitch when we pass up the right to vote. In the US, the percentage of those registered to vote who actually do vote is pathetic. But everybody bitches about whoever is currently elected. If you don’t like em, vote.

  2. Em, your moron is a great mate of the halfwit who was our moron until a couple of weeks ago – no need to say more. Both of them seem to take delight in removing all legislation that protects the environment. Both of them deserve to be lost in the outback, and then see how they like it.

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