Still more kitties, and a picture of a new window.

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

You’d think I did nothing more with my day than take pictures of our kitties, 2 of them particularly. Hmmm…that does sound like I may not be avoiding the prompt for today, but trust me – only coincidence!

Well, aside from work yesterday, and dropping by mom and dad’s to help mom sync her iPod (I never thought I would say that series of words), dropping off to pick up deck plans for the City (one day I will tell you THAT story), doing some things around the house, watering the yard, running to the post office to pick up my passport, and getting some dinner started, you’d be right.  What else would I really have to do by take kitty pictures?

So, without further ado…here’s Jasper sitting in a sunbeam and Elliot bouncing around.










Oh, and a new window being put into the back bathroom on the main floor.  I’ll show a closeup of the glass tomorrow.  It’s really nice!


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  1. Never too many kitty pics, Em – although your focus on the carpet rather than on Jasper might have made him sniffy … [grin] And yes, the bathroom clouded glass looks terrific !

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