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A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Ok, I haven’t slept well for 3 nights running now.  I think it’s just the change in tone in the morning.  I mean, now I have to get up so I can get to work.  It always takes me a few days to readjust to that.  But, I’m feeling tired this morning.  Yes, I know.  Poor me.  It’s ok. I will actually be AT work today, which will be good.  Then I can run after work and relax a bit.

So, check it out…



What do you think – green columns, or red?  You can kind of see both possibilities in the picture below…




And now, kitties!




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  1. My vote – red columns to match the red door and contrast with siding. I am in awe of the renovation you are doing! It’s a gorgeous house and you are putting the icing on the cake beautifully. Thanks for sharing the photos of your progress! 🙂

  2. Mmm…. I think red. I like the contrast. Hope you get some sleep!

  3. That red really sets off the green. Beautiful colors!

  4. I too vote for red. The house looks great!

  5. It doesn’t really matter which, Em – that approach up the steps shows either will work. Just your own preference.
    I am appalled to realize I’ve forgotten your neurotic moggy’s name ! My deepest apologies.
    Jasper and Elliott are safe, though. 🙂

  6. It’s work; I never sleep good on Sunday night because I know the next day is work. Ugh. I love how the house looks–mostly I am in love with your porch! Gorgeous.

  7. Hmm. Not sure. Have you thought about alternating the colors?

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