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So, yesterday I did not do anything around the house.  In fact, you could say it was an actual holiday day.   Mom and I went for lunch and to a show!  The painters, of course, continued their good work scraping noisily on the house (I was kind of glad to get out for the day).  I have no further pictures right now of the house.  It is the same, only with slightly less paint on it.

When I bought the tickets way back in May, as a Mother’s Day gift, it was for the musical Pal Joey.  But when I was checking online this weekend about parking at the theatre, I found that they had changed the play, without emailing anyone – like those of us who had their tickets emailed to them – about the change, to Private Lives.  Which is not a musical, but is, at least, light and humorous (although, the humor is, shall I say, somewhat dated being centered basically around spousal abuse).

Anyway, it was a nice afternoon of food and theatre.  For some reason I was exhausted when I got home and just managed to feed kitties, water the garden, and get a few things ready for supper before falling asleep on the couch with Dexter.

There are, however, more adventures in line for today, so stay tuned tomorrow!

For now, here are some pictures of theatre adventures.

This is the Roxy.  It used to be a movie theatre (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/if-the-roxy-theatre-goes-dark-victoria-stands-to-lose-a-gem/article1375527/), but was converted last year or the year before to a stage theatre.


Old-fashioned ticket booth intact


This is the playbill for the afternoon.  The Blue Bridge company (http://bluebridgetheatre.ca/) now operates out of the Roxy and does most of its shows in the summer (only a few special events during the rest of the year).


This is inside…chairs (complete with cup holders).


The stage (it was bigger than I thought it would be – the second and third acts used more of it.)


The back


The door to the ladies room (I just liked the sign)


The lobby with the concession stand



And now, another day begins…

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  1. They changed the play? When they already had bookings?? And the didn’t tell you??? As someone who is a member of a theatre company, that is just…bizarre. Sorry you missed out on Pal Joey but Noel Coward is usually good value. 🙂

    • I know – I thought it was bizarre too, but all they say is that they reserve the right to change productions. At least it was still fun!

  2. Whar is this ? – TWO DAYS with no kitty pics ???

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