It didn’t feel that busy…

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

No, it didn’t feel busy or that I got a lot done, but I guess I did do a few things yesterday.  Or, maybe I should say that a few things were done around the house today and I did some of them.  Well, one of them.  And a walk.

Here is the walk which I went on after saying good morning to the painting crew busily scraping away at the north side of the house.

Coming down the path to the ocean.


Which way…which way?



Ok.  East it is.

Not sure why this bench was taped off with Caution tape.


Stairs going down to the beach.  I chose NOT to go down them.  Too lazy to want to come back up…


Another bench, but this one seemed ok to sit on.  I chose not to sit.  This time.


Random scenery





More stairs not to go down.


I walked to Clover point.  It’s nice there.




More stairs…


Then, after lunch, I primed that damn room – the one thing I actually did around the house yesterday.  I have now discovered that I think all will be well with one more light sand in spots and a second coat of primer.  Phew!  So, a second coat will go on tomorrow, and the first coat of actual colour on Friday sometime.  No painting of spare room shall happen today, as I must go to lunch and a play with mom.  But tomorrow.





After recovering from 3 hours of priming, I took a walk around the house and yard.  I have to take pictures of the house work in progress as part of the Heritage Grant requirements, so here are a couple of shots of what’s going on out there.

Some of the scraping…north side of the house.


Scaffold city set up on the south side of the house, presumably for today’s scraping extravaganza.



And, finally, some of the blooms in the tranquil backyard…



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  1. so much work… it will look beautiful soon! 🙂

  2. Stairs down – pfuh ! Always have to struggle back up …

  3. I should clarify that I mean I am lying in bed reading your blog about walking and seeing pictures so I am in a sense accompanying you on your walk while flat on my back.

  4. Such beautiful scenery. And your house is on its way to beautiful. All that hard work will be worth it! 🙂

    • I keep saying that to myself, and to Kevin. There will still be more to do, but I think a bit of a break is in order after all this painting is finally done…

  5. Wish I had been there–great walk. Everything is looking good!

  6. Your house looks huge. You have to adhere to specifications on your house for the grant?

    • It is a little on the big side for 2 people (even with 4 kitties). There are specifics we have to adhere to for being Heritage and for receiving the grants, for example windows have to be wood, single pane and paint colours have to be approved. But, we have put storms on the windows, so they keep things pretty warm in the winter (not that it ever really gets cold here) and we had no problems having our colours approved. So, it’s all good! And the money helps a LOT!

  7. Fantastic photos.

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