It was a lazy Wednesday

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Yesterday, I spackled, and vacuumed, and sanded a cast-iron tub that is going to be painted and placed in the garden.  I also did a bit of reading and took a nap.  I really need to get out for a walk today!

So, this is what the spare room looks like now (with Jasper keeping a close eye on the work in progress).

July152015a July152015b July152015c

It won’t look much different after today after I sand out the excess spackle (it will still be dotted with white), but hopefully tomorrow I will prime!

And to round out things for the post, here are some garden pics!  Because, no post these days is complete without garden pics.

A Chick or a Hen blooming


Another lupin blooming away


The first bee balm bloom coming along


Little wee peppers




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  1. The hen and chicks is gorgeous…like a piece of jewelry…

  2. I skipped this prompt. Glad I did. I like yours!!

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