Sounds busier than it actually was

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

So yesterday I was lazy, at least I felt a bit lazy.  I met the arborist in the morning to talk about our trees and shrubs (found out some interesting things about cherry tree diseases, and also found out that our cherry and apple trees are about 40 years old).  Then I went for a quick walk to pick up some things at the drugstore and the local pet food store (have I mentioned how much I love living where we do – everything we need is in walking distance!  Except for work…but I am not working right now, being as I’m on that there Vacation!)

Here is the cherry tree we are having pruned (and that needs some treatment for something called cherry bark tortrix).  Not the best shot – it’s hard to get a picture of a whole tree in a small yard.  Just saying.


And here is the apple tree we definitely need pruned since it will take out both our windows and the neighbour’s windows if something happens to it.


And finally, here are the California lilacs I am having removed from the front so I can FINALLY landscape out there.  Curb appeal will be there by Fall!

July142015i July142015j July142015k

Anyway, after errands it was time for a break and lunch.

Then I headed upstairs to wash walls in the spare room.  And now, I believe all remnants of wallpaper and associated glue products are gone!  Today will be spackling holes and divots, tomorrow sanding and one more wash, and the Friday, hopefully, will be priming.

Again., no pics of those walls – nothing new to see yet…Friday… But here is a picture of the upstairs hallway.  The colours on the corner are the colours it will be painted (starting next week!  Stay tuned…)


After a couple of hours of scrubbing walls, I did a bit of vacuuming, then fell asleep on the couch.

Then I marched into the kitchen and prepped some food for dinner.  Root veggies for roasting, and freah yellow beans (not from our garden, but locally grown)

July142015b July142015c

Then into the garden to water and take a few pics.  No new blooms yet – so close!  But here are some old ones, as well as the butterfly house I still have to hang.




Finally, after watering, I sat down again to wait for Kevin.  Root veggies were in the oven, and Dexter was cuddling.



Today?  More of the same, I think.  Spare room work, a bit more vacuuming, and, well, we’ll see!

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  1. And this is vacation, right? No work? 😉

    • Yeah – staycations turn out like this, eh? There is always so much to do. Well, as long as I get some of it done (I know it’s not ALL going to get done!) 🙂

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