It rained!

A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

It rained!  That’s all I need to say.  The first real rain for almost 3 months.  Of course, it’s sunny again today, but that’s ok.  I do believe the painting of our house is commencing either at the end of this week or the beginning of the following week.  So it can be dry for awhile longer now.

See – evidence of raining yesterday.



There was no walking yesterday (not necessarily because of the rain…just general laziness), but we did run a few errands.

For example, we went to Volkswagen to get our roof rack cross bars (did I mention we bought a new car a couple of weeks ago?  The first new car we have ever owned.  VW Sportwagon.  Blue.  It’s a station wagon, but it’s still nice.  You can see the back end of it here).  The guy at the parts department offered to put on the cross bars for us, and we saw the cleanest auto shop I’ve ever seen.


After that we stopped at Capital Iron to look at umbrellas for the deck.  Didn’t buy any, but I did see a towering, colourful metal dinosaur.  Who could NOT take a picture of a 9 foot metal dinosaur inside a store holding an “eat” sign?

July112015a    July112015f

We ran by the fish store to get some fish for supper (sable fish) and I picked these beauties from our garden.  They were delicious!  I cringed a bit when I looked at the zucchini plants though – we are going to be leaving zucchini on front porches all over the neighbourhood…


And now it’s Sunday.  Now sure what the day holds in store.  Or should I say the afternoon (seeing as it’s already noon…)

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  1. ….send some to Kamloops!!! (I know how dry Victoria can get in the summer having lived there–but 3 mos is a very very long time) We

  2. Rain, eh ? – it’s still pissing down here in Sydney … Yesterday it was so cold I simply HAD to have my little oil Dimplex neater on: what my next electricity bill will be is no-one’s business. 😐
    But anything to cause your marvellous little garden to advance is a blessing, Em.
    Hope you and K can get stuck in to the painting alright/

  3. There’s nothing quite like getting rain when it hasn’t come for a while. I’m glad it came. I was having trouble working out how to send you some of ours. As M-R has already pointed out, it has been mighty wet and cold here. Guess what? We got our own Polar Vortex!! Well, we like to call it an Antarctic Vortex (because we like to be different), but I feel a bit akin with you Northern cousins now. It’s so cold. The other day it dropped to like 5 degrees Celsius at one point!!! It’s FREEZING!! 😀

    I love that your garden is feeding you so well. (Share, share those zucchinis- it’s part of the joy.) And congrats on the new car!

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