Porch and back yard updates

So, a couple of small updates on the house this week. First, the backyard. Yes, I FINALLY finished digging up the backyard for the new gardens. So, I have basically dug up the grass, and edged the border with bricks – roughly, as I still want to refine this. This weekend the plan is to have soil and mulch delivered so I can tackle the weeds with paper and soil and really dig in, getting the area ready to start planting a few things that I have sitting patiently in pots. I am also having 2 raised beds delivered Saturday, which will go on the side of the house (pictures to come once they’re here and in place), be filled with soil, and have veggies of an assortment yet to be determined planted within them.

So, to remind you, here is the backyard before digging ever began.




And here it is now that I’ve dug it up (basically – still needs refining)






The porch has reached the almost-end stage. Yes. The vinyl was laid yesterday! It looks so good, and it will look even better once the siding is replaced (and, of course, it will look even better next year once we can have the house painted!).

Here is the porch right before vinyl went down




And here it is after




So, the plan this weekend, after we dig and move soil around, is to sit on the bench on our newly-vinyled porch and sip wonderful beverages!

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  1. … wonderful beverages and ADMIRE our garden-to-be ! 🙂 Crikey, Em, you’re a tower of strength and indefatigable energy. Goodonyermate !

    • Well, I don’t know about that. I am not the one rebuilding the porch, and the garden isn’t really that big (plus, it’s taken me 2 years to get to this point…) But I will have more pics to post after this weekend when we get our raised beds and soil delivered.

  2. What an improvement! Well done!

  3. You are doing a great job. The porch looks fantastic. I can just see you after all that hard work sitting there sipping on a beverage or two.

  4. I love the way you’ve curved the bed! Did you use a hose or do it free hand? Oh, yes. Papers and mulch. Way to go!

    • Thanks! I actually free-handed it with the bricks as my guide. And someday we will plant something (now that we finally have new soil!)

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