Sunday, May 18: Things I saw on my run today

So, today was a 15 K run (next week is the Oak Bay half marathon…now THAT should be fun). It was a beautiful, sunny, but not too warm morning for a run, and I decided to try and take picture during my walk breaks today. I did for most of them, when I wasn’t spending my one minute walks drinking water. Anyway, here are some of the things I saw along the way, out and back, this morning.

So, here is the path heading out along the water.  This is just over 1K into the run, and heading into the off-leash dog park section of the run.


Now I can see Clover Point coming up, well, in a bit.  Clover Point is about 2.5K into the run, but that’s only a small part of the run today.


Now I’m past Clover Point and running along the sea wall.  What a beautiful day for a run!


This is the other side


Where bright flowers grow on the rock wall!


Now passing Ross Bay Cemetery – a peek through the shrubs…


This stuff is all over the ground right now.  You don’t want to run on it because it’s VERY slippery!


And here is where I make sure to stay along the “sightseeing” route – means it’s a bit busier, but really nice along the ocean.


And now, getting ready to go up the hill – the largest hill for today’s route…


And like the sign below says, it is kind of straight up (but not long).


I like taking pictures of markers…this is one of many along the way.


And here is what you see beyond the marker…


Whatever these trees are, they are blooming big time right now.


Another random view – getting closer to the halfway mark.


Another marker along the way.


And going up another short hill – meadow, beach and water in view.


And I reach halfway – 7.5K…


which marks the most beautiful golf course in the city (and the windiest!)


So, now I turn around and head back.  Here is a random really big clematis along the way.


Houses up on the hill I will be shortly running back up…sigh…


Wild roses – I LOVE the way these smell, and the bees love them too!


Looking back to the hill I just came up.  Yes, you go up on the way out (then down and up again), and then reverse the way back.  At least you know what’s coming on the way back!


At the top of the hill…a water fountain…whew!


More random flowers.


Another peek at the cemetery, through some kind of cool flowering shrubbery that I can’t name.


Here I am going up another short hill, lined with cool grasses.


A view of Clover Point from the other side, at the top of that little hill.


Heading down the path, off-leash land again, on the way back home.


The final cool down walk, and some random flowers…



And some tired feet – although I have to say I find it interesting that I started to feel really good at about the 2 hour mark.  I think that will make next weekend’s 1/2 marathon something to look forward to!


The final block towards home.


Home sweet home!  Now for a stretch, a gallon of water, some well-deserved coffee and a long hot shower!!


All in all, a good 15K run!


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  1. You are an unnatural woman, Emily. I may have to stop speaking to you; for you make me feel like what I am – and few people want that ! [grin]

    • Not so unnatural – I run REALLY slowly, and stop a lot to take pictures, and take a lot of walking breaks. I think it’s really just an excuse to enjoy the fresh air and get myself taking more pictures!

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