Things I saw on my walk

For today, to kick start my blogging again, I thought I would post things I saw on my walk, not today but on Wednesday – it’s just taken me a few days to get time on my computer to post them!

I work, since November, for a College that has 2 campuses. The one I am normally at is in a rural area, close to the city. There are some really nice walking and running route nearby, many of which are great for hill training.

My favourite lunchtime walking route is a small hill route past some small farms and parks. It’s been fun seeing it change as the seasons change (I’ve worked out there since November), and this week it was alive with flowers, insects and birds, as well as deer (wild), sheep, llamas and horses (not wilds). I know there are also cows and assorted other farm animals wandering around as well, but I didn’t see them this week. Here, however, is a sampling of what I saw on my walk this week.


One of a few barns I see on the walk.  I thought this view was perfect for a quick pic as I marched uphill.

flowers on rocks

Things grow on rock here.  I often wonder how…


These horses belong to a dude ranch of some kind.  I think they were expecting treats because when I stopped to take some pictures, they moved right up to as close to me as they could get (although I did not move right up to them – not too sure around really large animals…)




And then there were the flowers.  Lots of flowers, and here is only a small sampling of what is in bloom right now.

I’ll have to find a new route to try next week so I can see what else is blooming and roaming around these hills!


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  1. Delihgtful pic.s, Em ! – love ’em all ! I can’t work out what it is about your rocks that creates so much growth: I think they must be very porous … Anyway, it’s all good, me old china ! 🙂

  2. What a great walk! Ooooo, so green and lovely.

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