The weekend

A weekend of moving soil and of running a half marathon!

So, I’ll keep it short. Yesterday, Saturday, we had 2 raised beds delivered (they are nice, but I think next time I’ll try to make them myself – I think I could actually do it!),


and then had 3 yards of garden soil and 1 yard of mulch delivered.

May24f2014  May24e2014

This was all before noon. So, we ate lunch, and then paid a visit to my friend’s garden (she is going to help us think of things for our garden), then it was home again to move all the soil and mulch off the driveway and into the garden area where we can spread it at our leisure (since our carpenter needs to get into the driveway – although it’s probably best we didn’t get lazy and just leave it there as where it is now is at least where some of it will stay).



(almost done…)


And we also filled out new raised beds, so I can now pick out the veggies I want to plant in them!


So, that was Saturday. 4+ hours of shifting soil.

Then Sunday, I ran a half marathon. I treated it like a training run, since it really is just another long run on my way to the marathon, so I wasn’t in a hurry. But, as I was talking to a gentleman about training (he does 9 and 1s, while I do 4 and 1s, meaning 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking) a woman from Charlotte North Carolina came up and asked if she could run with me because she didn’t have a plan, and my plan sounded really good to her. And since I was not in a hurry (I am NEVER in a hurry when running), I said sure, so we ran together for the whole rest of the race (which was about 15 K of the race). It was great weather (cloudy, but not raining or windy, and not too cold, but not hot either), and it was nice to have someone to talk to the whole way. I didn’t hit a wall at all, although, that last little hill before the downhill into the finish line felt a bit tough. But, all in all, a pleasant and slow half marathon!


And then it was coffee time!


So, I’ve proven to myself I can go half the full distance 5 months out from the full marathon, so I’m feeling good!

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  1. Gosh, Em – so you should be ! GOODONYER ! Congratulations on several things very well done ! You’re allowed to pat yourself on the back, as I am unable to do so ! 🙂

  2. your garden is looking awesome! And woohoo on your half marathon! You go girl.

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