Y is for…

y  Yes, we do have stairs

Reaching? Yes I am. But I only have 2 letters left, and not a lot of house left to show you. So, here is the stairway from the main floor to the second floor.

Here is the bottom of it.


And here is the view up.


Ok. Not a lot to see. First, notice that there is that ugly green carpet again on the stairs. The stairs are unfinished underneath, so someday we will probably just replace the carpet with a nicer runner. Refinishing stairs is apparently not a fun thing to do, even for the experts!

Second, notice the wallpaper. Yes. Wallpaper. The same that was on the walls in the main floor hallway, and also papered over layers painted-over paper and plaster. This hallway scares me. I want to get rid of the paper, but don’t want to have to stand a ladder in the stairs getting it off the really high walls. But I can’t in good conscience paint over paper. Although, that would be in keeping with the stairway’s history.

zfstairway4  zfstairway5

You also notice that there was a hole in the wall.  Was something cool or sinister hidden there?  Alas, no, and our drywall/plaster guy repaired it for us before we moved in.

zfstairway1  zfstairway2

The best parts of the stairway, though are the light fixture, which matches the one in the main floor hallway. We got these on Used Victoria – a STEAL of a deal, and they are vintage fixtures that really work with the house.

zfstairway6  zfstairway7

And the stained glass window. We did have one of these panels repaired when we bought the house. There was a small crack, but we found a great stained glass guy who took it away and fixed it. He also reinforced a couple of panels of the stained glass in the living room which was beginning to bow. We do love our stained glass.

zfstairway9  zfstairway10


So, future for this staircase would be a new runner and painted walls. When this will happen? Well, probably not until a lot of other things are done, so see you in a few years!

And now, one letter to go!!

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  1. I did a double take when I saw the photo of your stairwell. Almost identical to the one in our house. Sans the stain glass window, that is.

    • Cool! Even the wallpaper? That would be spooky…

      • Same but different. The former owners re-finished all of the wood trim and papered the walls in period prints. We just found out a couple weeks ago that the house was older than we thought. It was built in 1885. Ours is plain and functional.I’ll have to make some time to look through your entire A-Z – I love Victorian houses.

  2. Tired ? Feeling a bit down ? You need MAY, to stir up your digestion and make you feel a new woman ! [grin] Siriusly, Em, you’ve done wonders !!!! Personally I couldn’t possible make the grade where I had to post every day on the same kind of thing. Kudos, mate ! 🙂

  3. I am so far behind on your house!!!!!! Yes, I am. 😉 I’m keeping the A-Z ones of yours I missed on my feedly to read over the next week. I love your house! Well, except the green carpet and wallpaper of course… ;).

  4. Despite the wallpaper/paint/wallpaper, it looks lovely, especially all the wood and the stained glass. We have a lot of to die for old homes like yours here in the Portland, OR area.

  5. I love that stained glass.

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