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x  eXtra pictures of things that were in the house that we don’t have any more

Ok, I was going through all my pictures of the house, and since I seem to have run out of rooms, and since X is a really hard letter (well, it is…) I am going to show you some pictures of pieces of furniture we got rid of after we took possession of the house.

We kept a couple of things (well, I should say that I let my hubby keep a couple of things, as I didn’t want to keep anything being a non-packrat), but most of it either went to auction (all the wood tables and knick knacks which I don’t have a lot of pictures of) or to Used Victoria, or to charity. We did give away some the beds for free on Used Victoria because it was really hard to find someone to take the beds. Can’t say I DON’T get it, but it was really frustrating at the time.

Anyway, here are some things we don’t have any more.


chair1  (living room)

chair2 (bedroom that’s now the pantry)

chair3  chair4 (both of these were in the Master)

chair5  (in what is now the Dressing room)

chair6  chair7 (in the Spare bedroom)

chair (I think this one was in the foyer)


couch1  couch2 (both in the Living room)

couch3 (in the Den)

Chandeliers – there were more than this, but here’s a sampling.  Don’t remember which one came from which room now…

chandelier1  chandelier2

chandelier3  chandelier4


lamp1  (there were 2 of these)

lamp2  lamp3

lamp4 (there was another one like this, but smaller)

Other things

dresser  (dresser)

ottoman (ottoman)

wardrobe (wardrobe – we have another one like this that we kept…for now)

bookcase (bookcase)

piano (piano – gave this away to our realtor’s girlfriend who paid to have it moved…it was VERY heavy!)

There was a lot more, as you can tell from the pictures of the various rooms, but these are many of the pieces we sold or gave away ourselves.  Many of the other pieces went to auction right away.   Kevin doesn’t like to see pictures of all the things we gave away – it brings back regrets of not keeping more, but I’m ok with that!

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  1. I could’ve used both the piano and that set of shelves – for me DVDs (the shelves, I mean). Come to think of it, possibly a good thing that the piano’s gone: in a flat block a goanna tends to make one less than popular, eh ? [grin]

  2. IN A FLAT BLOCK comma A GOANNA (piano) TENDS TO MAKE ONE LESS THAN POPULAR comma EH question-mark open square brackets GRIN close square brackets

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