W is for…

w  Windows

Of which we have many, some original double-hung, and some really ugly replacement aluminum ones which we will eventually replace with nice wood windows. Why wood? Because we are a Heritage designate house and need to maintain the character. But, let me tell you, in this climate, double-hung wood windows with storms, not so bad! We had wood windows and storms in Regina, Saskatchewan, and if we could live with them there (check out the winter weather in Regina!) we can live with them here. And they look nice too.

So, so far, we have fixed windows in 3 rooms – fixed them meaning some were broken, and rotten, and none of them opened (being nicely painted shut). So, the windows we have fixed were in:

The living room

livingroomz 2  zwindows12

zwindows13  zwindows14

zwindows15  zwindows16

And the piano window in the livingroom:

zwindows6  zwindows7


The den

zwindows18      zwindows24

zwindows20  zwindows23

zwindows22  zwindows21

The spare bedroom

zwindows5  zwindows4

zwindows3  zwindows2

This year we are hoping to fix the other original windows which are in the office, the dining room, and in one of the bathrooms. Then, we are hoping to see how many of the aluminum ones we can replace. The Master Bedroom for sure, I think, and maybe the other ones upstairs, and then the pantry. The kitchen is harder. They are very large and are not straight, since the back corner of the house has sunk a bit.

Guess we’ll see how far we can afford to get this year, and I will keep you posted!

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  1. I remember that the first (and only) house we bought had side windows – it was a semi – that we had to replace, wooden ones … It cost us something like AUD3,000, and that was in the late ’80s. The new ones looked terrific, though … Windows are as important as can be imagined, after all.

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