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zombieflamingos  Zombie Flamingos

So, the end of the A-Z Challenge is here. And I am bringing it full circle, so to speak, with my blog theme and my A-Z theme (well, it was eventually my theme) in the same picture.

This is what started it all. Well, not THIS picture, but the zombie flamingo my friend Judy Somers made for me that graces the header of my blog, and which gave me the blog title – do you know how hard it is to decide on a blog title?

Anyway, the “real” zombie flamingo was followed quickly by this picture which was a birthday card she made for me last year (I am pretty sure her hubby Gord More had some input too, so thanks to him as well). I especially love the kitties in the windows – 3 in the living room window, and one itty bitty kitty face in the Master Bedroom window!

My goal one day is to have a real picture like this to show! There will be more zombie flamingos in my future, and more Zombie Flamingos blogging too! Thanks Jude for the inspiration!

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  1. The idea of zombie flamingos! Creepy!

  2. And you done real good, Em – it was no mean feat, restricting yourself to one theme, letter by letter. Enjoyed ’em all !

  3. Zombie Flamingos! Well that’s unique–and a good ending…

  4. Congratulations on sticking with this challenge 🙂

  5. Beautifully done! Bravo!

  6. I am so far behind with your A-Z! I promise to try and catch up. What a terrible blogging buddy I am. But I’ve got to see the rest of your house! This card is the most darling thing. I love it. The kitties are precious, but the flamingos rock! I’ve always like the title of your blog. It’s so unique.

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