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t  The Dining Room

Ok, I don’t have another “T” room, and I really wanted to show pictures of the dining room, otherwise known as “Gord’s Room” in honour of our friend Gord More (hubby of Judy Somers) who said, when he first saw the house right after we took possession, that this was his favourite room in the house. It’s also one of our favourite rooms, with the big windows, the gorgeous wood, and the fireplace.

zfdiningroom1  zfdiningroom2

zfdiningroom3  zfdiningroom4


Then we moved in…slowly…

zfdiningroom6  zfdiningroom7

zfdiningroom8  zfdiningroom9



Nothing has happened in this room, aside from getting rid of all the old furniture, putting in our own, changing out the light fixture, and adding blinds.

zfdiningroom13  zfdiningroom14

zfdiningroom15  August42013

Someday we may paint it, but for now we think it looks pretty good!

zfdiningroom16  zfdiningroom17

zfdiningroom18  zfdiningroom19

There is one built-in missing from sometime in the past, but the other one is still there. And eventually the carpet will go, but right now underneath the carpet is old linoleum which is probably asbestos laden, so someday we’ll have someone come in and tear all that out and put in hardwood. This year we will be fixing the windows so they can open, which will make eating in there in the summer a bit more pleasant.

All in all, a lovely place for entertaining in front of the fire!

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  1. Oh, is that Heywood Wakefield (HW) furniture? I am a mid century modern nut, and my dining set is HW too, stained so i couldn’t flip it which was my original intention, but then decided to keep it and absolutely love it.

    Anyway, thanks for the follow.

    Best regards,

    • Hi! I don’t know for sure the make, but it was my husband’s parents’ furniture, so it is for sure mid century. Not the same vintage of the house, but we love it, and the table can get REALLY big!

  2. Beautiful space!

  3. Still loving it all, Emily … 🙂 Wondered if you would turn out to have a tennis-court …

  4. Love your house! Please don’t paint over the wood! Leave the Fireplace as is! We bought a house built around the Craftsman time. Someone painted over the wood, all over the house.
    Over visiting from the A to Z.

    • No worries! We won’t be painting over any of the wood – it’s what attracted us when we first walked in. I spent ages stripping the wood in our first house to bring it back. It’s very sad when someone paints over gorgeous wood! Thanks for visiting.

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