U is for…

u  (Un)dressing room

Not much to say here. It was a bedroom, but because of the ensuite, we thought that someday we could punch a hole in the wall (through the Master bedroom closet) and join the Master and this bedroom to create a BIG Master with “walk-in closet” and bathroom. In the meantime we have added a wall of closets and some other wardrobes, so this is our main closet for us.


zfdressingroom1  zfdressingroom2


After the move:

zfdressingroom4  zfdressingroom5



zfdressingroom7  zfdressingroom8


We have done nothing else in this room, but we have added a new toilet to the bathroom, and new light fixtures. This is the other room with wallpaper – I forgot that. Someday, it will go, and someday we will likely redo the space so it has a nice shower, etc. in it.  It is a BIG bathroom!


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  1. The previous owners of our house had apparently thought to do something similar with our house. Two bedrooms on one side of the hallway were adjoining, and they were going to install a bathroom at the back of the house. It would have been a wondrous master suite, but they never finished the bathroom beyond running plumbing and capping it off. Oh, well. We use what they used as the master bedroom as a den, and the adjoining bedroom between the would-be bathroom and the now-den is going to be a guest room, but right now, we use it for storage.

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