J is for…


Jasper – is a Savannah cat, and is loud and demanding (at times) and cuddly when he wants to be, and sleeps with us every night. We got Jasper after Simon (our 15 year old back buddy) died. He is a bit of a fraidy cat, but is getting better these days.

Jasper 1  Jasper 2

Jasper 3  Jasper 4

But I couldn’t just post pictures of Jasper without posting pictures of Dexter, Elliot (whose letters have already passed) and Nicholas (because I don’t want to leave him out until later)

Nicholas – who is the oldest, and who we got at 6 months old. He was a feral kitten and is still very nervous around us. It doesn’t make it easier since Elliot is mean to him, ever since he had dental surgery which seemed to make him much happier than he had been before. Apparently his teeth were causing him all kinds of pain, and without the pain he began to come out of his shell. We are hopeful that some day Elliot will get over it and become friends with Nico again.

nico1  nico2



Dexter – who is a month younger than Nico, but about 3 times his size. Dexter is half Maine Coon, half Devon Rex. He and his brother (who was already adopted when we got Dexter) were accidents, but he is lovely. He is also a fraidy cat and hides when people come over. If people are staying, it takes him a few days, but he will poke his head in to check things out. With us, however, he is a big suck! We originally got Nicholas as a playmate for Dexter. We had gotten Dexter when our 13 year old Finnegan died, and his brother, Simon, was left along. Dexter was too much kitten for Simon, however, so Nicholas became Dexter’s playmate, but Nico loved Simon and hung out with him whenever he could.

Dexter1  Dexter2


Elliot – is half Savannah, half Bengal, and the most fearless, in-your-face cat I have ever had. We got Elliot a month after we got Jasper. He is a bully with the other cats at times (especially with Nico), he wants to know where you are all the time (when he is awake, that is), he plays hard, sleeps hard, and sometimes does things he shouldn’t, but you just can’t help loving him. So innocent when sleeping.

Elliot1  Elliot2


So, that’s our family (I know I’ve talked about them before, but I thought I would again – can’t help myself).



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  1. They are all beautiful. I love our three boys, couldn’t do life without them.

  2. kewl pics, an kats always pics the kewlest warm spots huh..like that spot on the under the glass on the table 🙂

  3. And why on earth should you not tell us about this gorgeous family whenever the feeling takes you ? – NO REASON.
    They are all gorgeous, but the spotted ones fairly mindblowing, Em … 🙂

  4. They are all so adorable! I understand your wanting to show them off! 🙂

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