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When we first bought this house, as I’ve noted before, everything was still in it from when it was a B&B. That included the kitchen. No real perishables, but it was pretty gross. And no cupboard doors on any of the cupboards.

kitchenzf1  kitchenzf2

So, the first thing I did, with the very appreciated help of my friend Judy, was to clean out the kitchen and clean it up as best I could. Got rid of everything.


Including, eventually, the fridge and stove. We tried replacing the stove with a used one, but it broke right away, so we splurged and bought a new fridge and stove, and picked up a nice dishwasher and microwave on Used Victoria.  Then we had to have cupboard doors made, and some drawers – the kitchen had no drawers! So, we found a carpenter to make them, and then eventually I painted them.

kitchenzf7  kitchenzf8

We painted the whole kitchen too. Gold and red – it does look really nice!


And then we moved in



kitchenzf12  kitchenzf14

kitchenzf15  kitchenzf19

And then, the final touch for now was the glass in the cupboard doors. I admit I had gotten used to reaching in through the doors for glasses, etc., but they do look finished now!

kitchenzf18  kitchenzf17

Someday we’ll paint the ceiling and get a couple of new lighting fixtures. And hopefully this year we will get the windows redone as double-hung (getting rid of the gross aluminum).


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  1. TERRIFIC JOB, Em ! Your kitchen is now a delight. Goodonyermate !!!! 😀

  2. How funny that there were no drawers or doors on the cupboards. Weird. You did a really lovely job. I like the colors you chose. K for Kudos!

    • I think it had something to do with the house being a B&B before we bought it (well, 10 years before). But yes, weird! Thanks for the compliments!

  3. Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

    Wow! I have to admit that I love it from beginning to end! Happy a-z!

  4. Those are some awesome pictures of kitchens (:

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